[XWARN] Ham help needed for public service events

Bob Baker N8ADO n8ado at woh.rr.com
Sun Nov 4 20:20:53 CST 2018

Saturday, November 17 is the Mideast Invitational Cross Country Meet. 
The very best cross country runners from several states will be 
competing. It is held at Indian Riffle Park in Kettering. A number of us 
meet for breakfast before the event -- 9:00 AM at Frisch's on Fairfield 
Rd in Beavercreek and then head over to the event. The starting gun for 
the first race is at 11:00 and the fast pace of the runners means that 
we'll be done before noon. We collect the runner numbers and times for 1 
mile, 2 mile, and finish lines and radio them to the announcer. We can 
use quite a few volunteers as we will double or triple the mile mark 
spotters since it is hard to get the numbers from runners moving so 
fast. Contact n8ado at arrl.net if you can volunteer.

Monday evening, December 31 is the Resolution Run. The start and finish 
are at Beavercreek High School and the course winds through the 
neighborhood to the North of the school. We provide safety support and 
course logistics. The streets used by the course are not equipped with 
lighting, so we provide some using our vehicle headlights. We also place 
several generator lights out on the course. We need a few volunteers to 
help tow the lights out before the event and to return them to the 
school afterward. The lights are not too heavy and can be towed by 
almost any vehicle equipped with a 2 inch ball. (contact n8ado at arrl.net 
if you can help tow lights). It is traditional to have punch and a snack 
buffet before the event, so come out early and bring a snack to share. 
If you can help with course coverage, come to the DARA Truck behind the 
school by 7:00 PM for an assignment. The run is a 5k, so expect it to 
take about an hour from the starting gun at 8:00 PM. Contact 
n8ado at arrl.net if you would like a particular advance assignment or if 
you have questions. Please note that the DARA VE team will have a 
special test session at the school starting at 5:00 PM. Come out and 
upgrade your license and stay for the Res Run.

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