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Greene County now has a DMR repeater thanks to Tim Procuniar, N8NQH, with
help from John Westerkamp, W8LRJ, and Roger Parrett, NQ8RP.  Rather than
duplicate information, I recommend that you read the forwarded message from
Tim below. Then go to Tim's web site  http://www.tim-yvonne.com/ham/ and
read the DMR  information. It is clear and to the point. If you have
questions about selecting a radio or codeplugs for your radio contact John
at westerkampj at gmail.com. 

Though not active yet, Greene County ARES, West Central Ohio District 3
ARES, BARC and XWARN will have groups reserved for their respective members.

A local DMR net will be help at 8:30 p.m. Tuesdays on Group 9. I
successfully checked into the Ohio ARES statewide DMR net on Wednesday and
was impressed. After sitting around for a year, my DMR radio is finally
getting some use.

Thanks again to Tim for providing the equipment, John for his programming
work and Roger whose enthusiasm for DMR as an EmComm tool, started the whole


Henry Ruminski W8HJR
Emergency Coordinator
Greene County ARES
w8hjr at arrl.net 


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[BARC Reflector] new repeater in our area


Sat, 9 Feb 2019 10:26:09 -0500


tim-yvonne at juno.com


barc at bellbrookarc.org

I have swapped-out my 444.875 analog repeater hardware with a DMR digital
repeater. DMR is just another choice for digital ham operation, like D-Star
Fusion. Where DMR differs from those other two is that DMR is a
worldwide standard, and not mfgr specific. As an added bonus, DMR
(operating Tier 2, which my new repeater is) allows two independent
conversations to occur simultaneously; kinda like two repeaters in one


This new DMR repeater uses the same frequencies, tower, & antenna as my
previous analog repeater. For awhile, this DMR repeater will be operated
in the "mixed" mode, meaning it will operate in analog or digital; it
auto-selects based on what it is receiving at the moment. Eventually the
repeater will be reconfigured to digital only.

Also, like IRLP, AllStar, and EchoLink... DMR repeaters can be networked
together; which my repeater is connected to the Brandmeister network. You
can talk locally only, or anywhere in the world that another DMR repeater is


Due to DMR being a worldwide digital standard there are many many
choices of radios available; anywhere from a single band DMR handheld
($89)... to multiband (starting in the low $200).
Info here on my web page: http://www.tim-yvonne.com/ham/

To get you on the air quickly, already configured program files
"codeplugs" are being placed on my website for download.; look for your
specific model of radio on the list.


This could not have happened without the help of John Westerkamp and Roger


Tim Procuniar

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