[XWARN] XWARN membership dues

Jason Bowman jason.bowman.1971 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 11:13:30 CST 2019

Just a friendly reminder that the new XWARN business year is hear and dues
are due.  Excluding life members, we have 10 renewels so far.  You can pay
tonight at the meeting, or there is a Paypal button on the website
somewhere if you prefer an electronic payment.

Also, the guys from the Dave Kalter Youth DX Adventure will be making a
pitch tonight, and I believe some kids from a Xenia Lego League will also
be making a pitch or some sorts.  By the way, Lego League is similar to the
robotics club we support but for younger kids.  It's all part of FIRST
Robotics.  If interested, I have some videos I can show of the new build
season, which just started last week.  This is assuming we can get the
projector working.

Jason Bowman
m: 937-260-2870
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