[XWARN] FW: AF Marathon--More Ham Radio Volunteers Needed

Fred Stone w8lly at twc.com
Fri Aug 17 15:29:56 CDT 2018

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Hi Fred,

Could you send out an another update?  




The USAF Marathon wants you! -- to sign up as amateur radio support!

Volunteer registration ends on 31 Aug (less than 2 weeks away!) and we still
need 17 more volunteers to fill all the spots!

Please go to 



 <http://www.usafmarathon.com/volunteer/> Volunteer - USAF Marathon


Volunteer Registration for the 2018 Air Force Marathon Now Open! First
Section are Hydration Stations run by groups and require a password. If you
are interested in serving in a hydration station outside of a group there is
one in the second section titled "Open to Public Hydration Station C -
C-3ToGo."Read More

To register for supporting this event.

hit the Volunteer Now button, a new web page will openscroll down until you
see the Event Jobs list.  Amateur Radio Operators will be at the top of the
list.  Click on the Amateur Radio Operators linkon the next page you can
enter all your information.  If you have an assignment preference, I will do
my best to accommodate you. Thanks in advance to all the hams who support
this really big and important event for the Miami Valley area! 

Phil Verret


2018 USAF Marathon Amateur Radio Lead Coordinator

KA8ZKR at arrl.net

Cell: 937-371-3507 

Work: 937-255-9983


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